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There’s just something about Car and Bike Games. It’s like living a dream. In 1900 Sigmund Freud announced that the key part of a dream is unconscious wish fulfilment. Then, in the 1950’s, Elvis Presley spoke of a different kind of dream altogether; “Ambition is a dream with a V8 engine” he memorably said. The Car Crash Games, in many ways, represents the ultimate dreams and ambitions of we who play them.

Car and Bike Games was among the first to be created, presumably because the designers were car enthusiasts. Alongside magical quests, space wars and assorted fantasy, the simple act of driving was perhaps the most enthusiasticallyreceived. Since then, Car Crash Games like Burnout have become an industry unto themselves, it continues to speak volumes that the Car Crash Games genre is such a huge seller.

Today’s Games are a far cry from the sit-in-and-play arcade-based car games of old. Now we have realistic handling, collision damage and speed settings. A Car and Bike Games like the Gran Turismo series have consistently been the closest thing to actually driving a car.

We Love 2 Player Car Games!

2 Player Car Games allow you to race around pre-set environments, and, thanks to the Internet, the modern Car Crash Games can be a chance for truly international competition among players of 2 Player Car Games.

Quite what Elvis and Freud would have made of Car Crash Games like Need For Speed is anybody’s guess, but one thing is for sure, when you load up your Car Crash Games and the wheels spin as the tyres burn, and when you adjust your view in order to laugh at the car behind struggling in your vapour trail, you know you’re living the dream.

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